Burrell Leasing & Development is based in Westmoreland County, PA and includes 18 commercial leases, 100,000 square feet of rental space, and 250 acres of land.


Our region in southwestern Pennsylvania is a prime spot for economic development with affordable locations suitable for your business needs. Our inventory of commercial properties includes singular office space and multi-office buildings.

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The mission central to improving our properties is tied to designing and creating developments that promote the preservation of the natural environment while meeting the human needs of the organizations and communities they serve. These developments, regardless of being commercial or residential will become developed communities for future generations to enjoy and prosper from.

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Our catalogue of properties acquired with a vision and commitment of development focused on integrity and integration within the communities we serve. Burrell’s history of completed projects includes the renovation of the former New Kensington, PA (Now the Burrell Business Center). Our inventory of land parcels are suitable for residential and commercial development.

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Parcels with a history of family homes beginning with the Indian Fields I & II projects in Lower Burrell, PA where there is still room to build the home of your dreams. Burrell has a portfolio of residential properties available for lease.

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